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Engineering and advanced manufacturing

An image of Queensferry Crossing depicting the engineering sector

In 2018, engineering and advanced manufacturing made up:

  • 16.7% of Scotland’s international exports (£5,650 million)
  • 9.8% of Scotland’s UK exports (£5,020 million)

Engineering and advanced manufacturing covers things like:

  • metal manufacturing
  • machinery and equipment
  • transport equipment
  • architectural activities
  • engineering services for example: design, consultancy

How Scotland’s engineering and advanced manufacturing exports have increased since 2002

Graph showing Scotland’s engineering and advanced manufacturing exports. It shows that both international exports and exports the rest of the UK increased between 2002 and 2018.

Between 2002 and 2018 Scotland’s engineering and advanced manufacturing exports increased:

  • internationally from £3.6 billion to £5.7 billion
  • to the rest of the UK from £3.8 billion to £5 billion

Where we can sell more

A Trading Nation used evidence to work out where Scotland could sell the most in future.

This evidence shows where:

  • there’s a large or growing demand for imports
  • Scotland’s exporting less than other, similar countries

The similar countries are Finland, Norway, Denmark and Ireland.

Countries where there’s a large or growing demand for engineering and advanced manufacturing imports

Where Scotland’s currently exporting less than similar countries

What we're going to do

To help engineering and advanced manufacturing exports, we’ll:

  • work with industry bodies and the enterprise agencies to create market development plans for selected sub-sectors and countries
  • support businesses to develop international leadership and sales skills
  • work with industry bodies to share new ideas and exporting best practice
  • help the industry to get high quality graduates and technical talent
  • make sure businesses can still get skilled overseas employees (post-EU exit)
  • help businesses to get finance for export growth plans
  • find GlobalScots or Trade Envoys who can offer businesses advice, support or introductions
  • help businesses find export opportunities by exploring ways to make sector data available

You can find more information on Scotland’s engineering and advanced manufacturing sector in A Trading Nation.

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