A Trading Nation – helping Scottish businesses to export

A Trading Nation is the Scottish Government’s export growth plan. Find out what Scotland sells to different countries, where you could sell your products or services and get help to export.

  1. Why exporting's important

    How exporting helps Scotland’s economy and businesses.

  2. What we could sell more of

    What we think Scotland could export more of.

  3. Where we could sell more

    Where we think Scotland's exports could grow.

  4. How we'll increase exports

    Changes we’re making to help increase Scotland’s exports.

  5. Help for businesses looking to export

    Organisations who can offer help and support with exporting.

  6. Sector profiles

    Includes where sectors could sell more and what we’re going to do to help.

  7. Country profiles

    Includes the benefits of selling there, what we could sell more of there and help in that country.

  8. Coronavirus (COVID-19) help for export businesses

    Includes information on help, advice and funding available to businesses who export during coronavirus.