An image of wind turbines depicting the energy sector

In 2017, energy made up:

  • 11.7% of Scotland’s international exports (£3.8 billion)
  • 15.9% of Scotland’s UK exports (£7.8 billion)

The energy sector covers:

  • mining and mining support
  • utilities, such as electricity, gas, renewables

A Trading Nation covers some oil and gas sector activities, such as:

  • consultancy
  • engineering
  • equipment

It does not include oil and gas production.

How Scotland’s energy exports have increased since 2002

Graph showing how Scotland’s energy exports increased to the rest of the UK and internationally between 2002 and 2017.

Between 2002 and 2017 Scotland’s energy exports increased:

  • internationally from £700 million to £3.8 billion
  • to the rest of the UK from £2.6 billion to £7.8 billion

Where we can sell more

A Trading Nation used evidence to work out where Scotland could sell the most in future.

This evidence shows where:

  • there’s a large or growing demand for imports
  • Scotland’s exporting less than other, similar countries
The similar countries are Finland, Norway, Denmark and Ireland.

Countries where there’s a large or growing demand for energy imports

Where Scotland’s currently exporting less than similar countries

What we're going to do

Access to data

We'll help industry bodies get better access to data on energy, so they can identify export opportunities.

In-market specialists

We'll work with Scottish Development International and Opportunity North East to invest in five overseas in-market specialists.

These specialists will find new business opportunities for the Scottish energy supply chain. They'll do this by building relationships with:

  • customers
  • government departments
  • regulators
  • intermediaries

Nuclear decommissioning

We'll develop a Scottish nuclear decommissioning capability statement, international mapping and networking exercise.

Global low carbon transition

We'll work with Scottish businesses to take up opportunities created by the global change to low carbon technologies. We’ll do this by:

  • supporting the oil and gas supply chain to diversify
  • helping businesses increase their sales to new countries and sectors

You can find more information on Scotland’s energy sector in A Trading Nation.