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In 2018, Scotland sold over £1,165  million worth of exports to Norway. This is 3.4% of Scotland’s total international exports. Scottish exports to Norway have decreased by 12.9% since 2013, down £175 million.

Exports have been affected by a slow-down in Norway’s economy during this time.

An image of Norway outlined on a map

The benefits of selling to Norway

The World Bank rates Norway as the 9th easiest country in the world to do business with.

Norway’s a good place to export to because it has:

  • a lot of natural resources
  • a good business culture
  • very little corruption

It’s also a good place for Scottish businesses to export to because:

  • UK brands are trusted there
  • English is widely spoken in business there
  • it has a high standard of living, so people have money to spend
  • its economy is stable

What we could sell more of

A Trading Nation uses evidence to work out what Scotland could sell more of.

In Norway, the key sectors where Scotland could sell more are:

  • chemical sciences
  • manufacturing computer or electronic products
  • food
  • textiles

An infographic of top opportunities in Norway

Help with exporting in Norway

Scottish Development International offices

Scottish Development International have an office in Stavanger. They have 5 members of staff focussed on:

  • industries that produce consumer goods
  • science and technology
  • energy


The GlobalScot network has 2 experts in Norway covering energy. We’re going to expand the GlobalScot network in Norway.

Department for International Trade

You can contact the Department for International Trade team in Norway to find opportunities for doing business there.

Norwegian British Chamber of Commerce

The Norwegian British Chamber of Commerce can offer members:

  • business support
  • advice
  • introductions

They have an office in London.

You can find more help with exporting.

You can also find more information on exporting to Norway in A Trading Nation.

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